Jerry Ghionis Kicks Off WPPI NYC

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Jerry Ghionis addresses a packed audience at his WPPI NYC Keynote presentation.

Above photo by Moneer Masih-Tehrani. Image on projection screen © Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis helped get the first-ever WPPI NYC event at Manhattan’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 26th underway with an enlightening quote during his Keynote presentation titled Imitate, Emulate or Innovate.  “Copy from one person and that’s considered plagiarism,” he told the audience of over three hundred. “Copy from many and they call that research.”

Ghionis went on to discuss how he enjoys doing his research at the movies or by looking at magazine layouts.  “The way I interpret it later on is my own,” he added.

WPPI attendees appeared fully engaged as the veteran photographer showed movie scenes that helped inspire some of his most intriguing engagement and bridal portraits. “See something which gives you an inception,” he stated simply as clips from some of his favorite movies flashed on the screen, followed by portraits of his that were inspired by those scenes. “That’s the whole point of my talk today, the inception of an image,” he continued. “If you see something that you find interesting, act on it.” Examples he has acted upon included the famous “upside down kiss” from Spiderman, the passionate kiss in the rain between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook, and a scene from a Katy Perry video. Ghionis also showed images from a  two-day engagement shoot, inspired by the August 2007 W Magazine layout of David and Victoria Beckham as photographed by Steven Klein.

Ghionis wrapped up the talk with some sage advice: “Find your own voice, just make sure you feel it… don’t try too hard. Feel it, don’t think it.”

The whole day was packed with a slew of educational offerings from some of WPPI’s tried-and-true favorites, including Cliff Mautner, Jasmine Star, Lindsay Adler, Sal Cincotta, Doug Gordon, Bambi Cantrell, Tamara Lackey, Dawn Shields and many others. A two-day tradeshow followed up the Wednesday seminar lineup and was co-located with PhotoPlus Expo. The entire event offered a nice buildup to WPPI 2012, which takes place in Las Vegas February 16-23 at the MGM Grand. Last year, WPPI attracted over 16,000 attendees. This year, we promise an even bigger and better show! Register now at

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