Fuji’s Mirrorless Camera Leaks

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Mirrorless compact cameras are the hottest shooters bouncing around right now, and Fujifilm’s next star just leaked: the X-Pro1 sports a gorgeous vintage look, 16-megapixel APS-CMOS guts, along with a slew of heavy duty metal lenses to swap out.

The leak came from Wells Fargo, of all places, and details some very attractive kit:

The highlight of the offerings is the Fujifilm X-Pro1, which is a highly featured compact system camera. Fuji-filim said it will build on the success of the X100 model, by adding a camera that features a custom-developed 16-megapixel APS-CMOS sensor incorporating a new filter array and the company’s proprietary EXR processor technology.

The camera also includes a second-generation hybrid view-finder and takes three prime interchangeable Fuji-non lenses, all with fast apertures.

The lenses include: the 18mm (27mm equivalent) f/2.0, 35mm (53mm equivalent) f/1.4 and 60mm (90mm equivalent) f/2.4.

No concrete word on pricing or availability yet—a $1,600 price tag is rumored—but we have a feeling this pretty little thing will be in our hands at CES next week (along with the rest of the gear Fuji just dumped), so keep your photog mouth shut before you drool. [Wells Fargo via Verge]

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Jacqueline Tobin

Jacqueline Tobin

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