Nikon WT-5: Control 10 D4s at Once

By // February 16, 2012 // Posted in Gear & Equipment, Photography

If you’re going to lay down $6000 for the super-fast, low-light stalking Nikon D4, you might as well pony up another $900 for the WT-5 dongle that cuts the cord. Or why not string 10 D4s together? Wireless bullet time at a cost of $69,000.

Thanks to the WT-5 dongle you’ll be able to link up to 10 D4s together and to simultaneously control them from a single camera. Shooting with 10 cameras at once isn’t the type of thing you do every day because most people don’t need to record crazy 360 views of action sequences. Oh, and it’s prohibitively expensive. But the WT-5 transmitter also liberates the D4 from wires for other remote controls that are practical if not exactly new. You’ll be able to control all of the camera’s settings wirelessly using the Camera Control Pro 2 software or from a web browser on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll also be able to wirelessly transmit images to your computer or to an FTP server.

When we checked out the Nikon D4 at CES, the WT-5 wasn’t yet approved by the FCC, but now it’s official, and you can even pre-order it at a few locations. The Wachowski brothers eagerly await your pitches. [Engadget]


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Jacqueline Tobin

Jacqueline Tobin

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