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At the Wedding & Portrait Photography International (WPPI) conference 2012 in Las Vegas, TWiT Photo host and professional photographer Catherine Hall convened a panel of eight industry experts and insiders on the controversial subject, Is Technology a Menace to Photography?

The luminary-studded gathering featured renowned photographers such as Pulitzer Prize winner Greg Gibson, celebrity photographer and Help-Portrait creator Jeremy Cowart, reDefine host Tamara Lackey, Fast Track Photographer educator Dane Sanders, legendary wedding photographers Cliff Mautner and Jerry Ghionis, hot emerging fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, and glamour queen Sue Bryce.

These key professional and artistic minds engaged in thoughtful, pointed, and sometimes-heated discussion about topics, such as the too-easy lure of technological gimmickry to smooth over lack of artistic knowhow; self-education, cultivation of a unique creative vision with responsible and mindful use of technology; the future of point-and-shoots and DSLRs in an age of camera phones; and the relevance of professional photographers over the coming decade.

If your ears aren’t already burning, they will be.

Viewers can download the episode on or on iTunes.

About TWiT Photo
Professional photographer Catherine Hall and overenthusiastic amateur Leo Laporte chat with some of the world’s leading and most inspirational image-makers. Learn tips from acclaimed pros, as they impart their knowledge of making arresting images through personal anecdotes, real world experience, and a discussion of their favorite toys. The show educates, inspires and empowers photographers of all levels. TWiT Photo is streamed live on Tuesdays at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET on, part of the TWiT Netcast Network.

About WPPI
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), a division of Nielsen Photo Group, is an organization that serves the educational and business needs of wedding and portrait photographers. WPPI is a professional organization that exists to help member photographers by providing them with exclusive information, programs and professional services to assist with their photographic artistry and business needs. WPPI routinely supplies its members with new benefits and valuable industry information enabling them to compete effectively, especially in tough economic times. WPPI membership gives photographers the resources they need to succeed and the tools they require to build and develop a strong personal support network. For more information visit:

About Catherine Hall
Professional photographer Catherine Hall has been capturing expressive images of people through her camera since an early age. Based in both New York and San Francisco, Catherine is regularly featured in top publications including PDN, National Geographic Traveler, Rangefinder, and The New York Times. An adventure-driven photographer, Catherine has traveled and shot in over 30 countries and her fine art work is exhibited in galleries worldwide. For more information, visit

About Leo Laporte and TWiT
Leo Laporte is president and Chief TWiT of the TWiT netcast network and host of “This Week in Tech” (the world’s most popular technology podcast) and the nationally syndicated “Tech Guy” radio show. Laporte is the former host of “Call For Help” and “The Screensavers” on TechTV. He and other hosts currently create more than 40 hours of live technology programming each week, streamed live at

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