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One of my key responsibilities here at WPPI will be overseeing the educational content of the conference. Given we have over 150 speakers, it’s a daunting task, and I take it very seriously. That said, I’ve been listening to the feedback from you guys, and I’m listening! Over the next few weeks I’m going to feature speakers that may be lesser known and give you an opportunity to get to know them better.

I’m going to start with Kirsten Lewis. She is one of our new speakers, and a rising star. I love her enthusiasm, and up front attitude. Spend some time on her website and blog, and my favorite, and her bio page, you won’t be disappointed!

I’m thrilled she’s teaching a plus class this year, and she’s got an amazing program planned! Check out her program here! —> Give White And Khaki The Finger: A Documentary Approach To Family Sessions

She represents a new fresh approach, and brings all the talent and skills needed to be a great teacher. You asked and I hear you loud and clear! Her class will fill up fast, don’t miss out!

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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