Entering a Photo Competition this Year? Get Noticed!

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Every year, any number of competitions, fellowships and contests come up that photographers want to apply for. They can provide the big break to launch your career to the next level, but when you apply for them, what are the best ways to present your application so your work is noticed? For that, you need strategies.

This Monday, March 4th, the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund and the Aperture Foundation are presenting a panel called “Strategies for Photographers: Thoughts on How to Apply for Fellowships and Other Competitions.” The event is open to the public and starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Aperture Foundation, located at 547 W. 27th St, in New York City.

On the panel are Smith Fund board members, who have judged competitions from Smith, World Press Photo, World Photo Organization, Getty Images, PDN, American Photography, among others. Panel members will share their experiences and insight on what goes on in the judging room and what it takes to get noticed. Participants include Lauren Wendle (PDN), David Friend (Vanity Fair), W.M. Hunt (Dancing Bear), and Marcel Saba (Redux Pictures).

The panel will follow the official press conference announcing the call for entries to the 2013 Smith Fund Fellowship. Entries for the competition are due by the end of May. For more information about the event and the competition, go to smithfund.org. Good luck!

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