Sue and Jill take NYC! Victoria Secret hear us calling!?

By // February 7, 2013 // Posted in Industry News, WPPI News

Since Sue Bryce and Jill released their photos and video they’ve become a viral sensation! Of course I’m not surprised, Jill is such an awe-inspiring courageous woman, who has graciously shared her story with us. To top it off, the Today Show just flew them into NYC, and had them on their show! Check out the video of their segment today!

From the transcript today:

>> i know you have a challenge for victoria secret , the runway show.

>> victoria secret if you’re out there, call me. i would love to be able to, not me but any woman wear the million dollar bra and maybe victoria secret have a line for women going through cancer. right now it’s very selective.

Victoria Secret – you hear us calling?!

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

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