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After leaving the Nielsen photo group booth at the WPPI expo yesterday, I had the opportunity to take in a couple of platform classes. One that I had the pleasure of attending, “The art of business and the business of art,” presented by photographers Davina + Daniel, was highly informative and entertaining.

Davina + Daniel speak at a platform class on Tuesday at WPPI.

The photographic team—who collaborates on set for wedding shoots and off as a couple—started the talk with their tips about the business side of photography. They also talked about the artists who inspire them—be it chefs, actors or other creative professionals—saying that it’s their “passion” for their work that shines through and makes them successful at what they do.

In their seminar, it was obvious how well the two play off of each other—they drew in the audience with a range of expressions from playful tongue-in-cheek jabs at one another, to genuine love (Davina got choked up when talking about her sister’s passion for acting) to comedic moments that ignited the audience.

The two revealed what they look for when they’re shooting, like “action,” “reflections” and “shiny surfaces.” When they go on location for a shoot, they like to scout areas where the locals congregate, like markets.

They also let the audience in on some secrets for capturing dynamic and unexpected images that the duo is so recognized for:

  • Step away from the scene to gain a new perspective on the situation and include new elements.
  • Shoot from a unique vantage point.
  • Take charge of a scene: Adjust lighting or other elements on location to make shooting conditions optimal.
  • Be creative with what’s in front of you: Find ways to work with objects and other variables to add another layer to an image narrative.

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