WPPI Trade Show: Day 3

It’s day three, the final day at the WPPI trade show. I’ve just about finished checking out all the booths looking for new gadgets and gizmos. Here’s another two booths that caught my eye.

Tether Tools

The ability to hook cameras up to an iPad or computer has created a need for organizing all the tethered tools. Tether Tools has a growing array of equipment that makes the chore easier and safer. The Jerk Stopper, for example is a clever little clip that helps prevent an ethernet cable from being pulled out of the camera port. At WPPI, their display of workstation tables that attach to a tripod along with a new TabStrap to hold an iPad hands-free with a BlackRapid strap seemed to draw a lot of interest. Details of all the products can be found at www.tethertools.com

Lowell Blender 3 Light Kit

The move away from flash units to continuous lighting systems was very much in evidence at WPPI. As LED lights improve in performance and come down in cost they are quickly becoming the lighting of choice, especially for videographers but also for more and more still photographers. Lowell demonstrated one of its latest products – the Blender 3 Light Kit that includes 3 Lowell Blenders with diffusers, AC adaptors and light stands in a bag. Each Blender has two sets of LEDs in Tungsten and daylight that can, as the name suggests, be blended to provide lighting that matches the ambient light. Full details at http://www.lowel.com/kits/blender3light.html

Sigma Lenses

Sigma continues to refresh its lineup to appeal to more professional photographers and provide an alternative to lenses from major camera manufacturers. A company rep tells me that the lineup of pro lenses is growing in popularity ever since it introduced the 85mm f/1.4 a couple of years ago. The newest lens in this line is the 35mm f/1.4 lens introduced at CES. Sigma has also put its toes in the water with a range of three micro 4/3 lenses.

The upcoming 120-300mm f/2.8 zoom lens has been totally redesigned and can be customized. It has a slider switch that can be preset with options such as speed of focus or limiting the focus range. A user can adjust the settings and fine tune the front and back focus using a USB Dock that attaches to the lens and then to a computer where special Sigma software makes the adjustments. It can also be used to update firmware when needed.. The USB Dock will work with other new Sigma lenses although the amount of customization depends on the lens. There is no word on when the 120-300mm lens of the USB Dock will go on sale but details on the USB Dock can be found at http://www.sigmaphoto.com/product/sigma-usb-dock.

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Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon

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