WPPI Trade Show WrapUp

By Joh Rettie

I found dozens of attendees rushing around the trade show during the last hour of the 2013 Expo as they purchased floor samples and took advantage of special show deals that were only valid during the show. I found a few more interesting new products during a final walk-through:

Hurley Pro

New York photographer Peter Hurley showed off a prototype of his new Medusa lighting system that uses 3-foot-long LED lighting tubes. They are mounted in aluminum frames with a carbon fiber finish. What’s more, each light can be individually adjusted to provide variable lighting. Hurley expects the lights to be available in a few months time. Details at www.hurleyprogear.com

Animoto Pro

More and more photographers are signing up for Animoto Pro and to meet the demand, Animoto announced several upgrades to meet requests from wedding photographers using the Pro service. It’s now possible for users to choose styles of slide shows designed by professional wedding photographers, including Vicki Taufer, Tamara Lackey, Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams. It’s now possible to make 20 minutes instead of the previous 10-minute limit. Animoto has done a deal with Triple Scoop Music to include 1,000 of their most popular music tracks. Details at www.animoto.com

MeFoto Tripods

Who’d have guessed that colored tripods would be such a hit? It turns out that plenty of wedding and portrait photographers like the smarter look than a traditional black tripod. Two models in the range include a leg that can be unscrewed and transformed into a monopod. MeFoto tripods proved to be quite a hit at the show. Indeed the company is already looking to add additional colors to meet demand. You can check out the range of tripods at http://www.mefoto.com

Fotodiox RhinoCam

How would you like a medium-format camera with more than 120-megapixel resolution for less than $1,000? Fotodiox has come up with an intriguing way to adapt a compact camera, such as Sony NEX, to work with a medium-format lens. It consists of a metal plate with a glass viewing screen for composition and a holder for the camera. After one has composed a picture on the ground glass screen the camera is moved across so the opening is over the lens. The camera is moved to engraved marks and eight pictures captured. The image files are then transferred to a computer and the images stitched together in Photoshop to create one large resolution image. It could be an ideal solution for landscape and architectural photographers as long as there is no movement of subjects while shooting. The kit costs just $500 and lenses can be purchased second hand for reasonable prices if you don’t already own one. The camera body is obviously extra. Details at http://fotodioxpro.com/index.php/vizelex-rhinocam-for-sony-nex-e-mount-cameras.html

The Expo is Over…For Now

Vendors and attendees seemed quite pleased with this year’s WPPI Trade Show. There were plenty of products and services to meet the needs of photographers. Although there were no major new products that created a big buzz there were some trends that emerged. For example, LED continuous lighting is definitely drawing increased interest. Tripod manufacturers also said they saw increased interest in what most would presume is a commodity. One sales person said he saw increased interest from photographers who wanted to make sure they stand out from the crowd of amateur photographers at a wedding.

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