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Since the “NEA of the people” company Kickstarter launched in 2009, countless entrepreneurs have been pitching their creative projects to the public, hoping for funding and support in exchange for a product, service or acknowledgment. Photographers aren’t strangers to this phenomenon, and many have exceeded their funding goals. We did a little digging and chose three of the most interesting photography Kickstarter projects that are currently pursuing funding:

Crusin’ Thru Life

Current pledges: $865
Pledge goal: $3,000
Countdown to goal: 13 days

A candid scene taken from a moving skateboard in Los Angeles, CA. © Robert LeBlanc

Both a skateboarder and photographer, Robert LeBlanc decided to combine his two passions to create his Kickstarter project, Crusin’ Thru Life. A native of Eureka, MT, LeBlanc amused himself in the small logging town by riding around and capturing life through the eyes of a skateboarder. He’s upgraded from a small disposable camera to a point-and-shoot 35mm camera to show the miles of terrain and the many faces he’s encountered while wandering the world on his skateboard.

Having returned from Eastern Europe, LeBlanc would like to make a book of the images he took throughout Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The funding he’s asked for goes toward the production costs of putting this book together. The rewards range from acknowledgment in the book for a $5 pledge to a free copy of the book and a series of printed and framed photos from the project for a pledge of $500 or more.

El Holgar: Tijuana Orphanage Photography Exhibition

Current pledges: $390
Pledge goal: $5,000
Countdown to goal: 27 days

Children watch a video at their orphanage in Tijuana. © Andrew Houston

Tijuana may be one of the biggest party hubs of the Baja California Peninsula, but there are some aspects of the city that are not as glamorous. Photographer Andrew Houston has decided to explore the dangerous state of the orphanages in Tijuana in his Kickstarter project, El Holgar. Aiming to reveal a day in the life of an orphan in Tijuana, Houston shows the ins and outs of the city’s orphanages, capturing the conditions, people, and day-to-day activities. Houston says he wants to highlight Tijuana’s poverty issue, explaining that his photographs are meant to show the dangerous locations of the orphanages that are expanding beyond their capacities to house the growing number of orphans.

A gallery in Mexico City will exhibit Houston’s work, but the photographer explains he needs funding to help with printing and shipping costs to make it happen. Rewards range from a digital Thank-You card for a $5 pledge to a signed plexiglass face-mounted print for a pledge of $500 or more.

The Dapper Dozen Men’s Calendar: Sawyer County Edition 2014

Current pledges: $405
Pledge goal: $2,750
Countdown to goal: 12 days

An outtake of the Dapper Dozen’s Mr. August, or Jared, “Round Lake property caretaker and the man everyone knows of but few really know.” © Erik Thue, Meg Marie Jung

The northern woods of Wisconsin may not be the first place you look for some potential calendar models, but author Amber L. Carter decided to put that to the test with her project, The Dapper Dozen. The potential 2014 calendar will feature 12 of the “most interesting” men in Hayward, WI. Starting out, Carter and photographers Erik Thue and Meg Marie Jung and stylist Jennifer Titus decided against pursuing potential subjects for their looks because, as they say, “beefcake, at the end of the day, gets boring.” Instead, they chose people who had notable stories to tell.

Mr. March, for example, is a local magician and resort owner, and Mr. September is a musky fly-fisherman and nature photographer. Mr. May is simply noted as a “local treasure and man-about-town.” Carter and her team are looking for funding to support the production costs of making the calendar. Rewards range from a Thank-You note from the crew for a $5 pledge to a free session with one of the photographers, hair and makeup and all, for a pledge of $200 or more.

Thinking about starting a Kickstarter for one of your photography projects? Tell us about it.

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