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Opening today in New York City is an exhibition that is sure to cool down the summer heat with a fresh look at five contemporary photographers, and an enticing presentation of the work: on the walls of the white cube, online (on the gallery’s website and At Length mag) and in print (BLINK magazine).

The group show, curated by gallery co-owner Darren Ching and curator/collector/consultant W. M. Hunt, is a selection based on an international call for artists. In addition to the artists featured below, “Fresh 2013” also features photographs by Manuel Consentino and Peter Croteau, as well as an exclusive web presentation of 10 short-listed “Fresh” photographers.

What is most striking about the exhibition is the attention to innovations in portrait work, like the work from Dallas, Texas-based photographer Maxine Helfman (below), who subverts gender roles by photographing young boys clothed in girls’ dresses.

helfman_1Image © Maxine Helfman/Courtesy of Klompching Gallery. “Blue Organza,” 2012 from the “Fabrication” series.

And the work of Priya Kambli who draws from her experience migrating to the United States from India in many of her series, stating in a article, “Photography has been a way of bridging the gap between…two cultures while coming to terms with my dual nature.” For the series shown below she modifies the family snapshot to create a new narrative layer and modify images, some of which had been already altered by her mother.

kambli_2Image © Priya Kambli/Courtesy of Klompching Gallery. “Meena Atya and Me,” 2012-2013 from the “Kitchen Gods” series.

The exhibition also includes the meticulous photo collages by Los Angeles, California-based artist Chang Kyun Kim (shown below) that re-imagines portraits as fragments glued to canvas. Here it’s in the form of 3,000 impressions of U.S. senators.

kim_1Image © Chang Kyun Kim/Courtesy of Klompching Gallery. “Three Thousand Impressions of U.S. Senators,” 2013 from the Before or After The Memory series.

The exhibition is on view through August 10, with an opening reception tonight from 6-8 pm. For more information, visit:

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