Splish-Splash: 6 Summertime Images from Robin Rice Gallery

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"Swimmer Cap," 2007 © Greg Lotus

“Swimmer Cap,” 2007. Image © Greg Lotus

Though some parts of the country may be under gray skies today, summer is still in full effect. Celebrate the remaining heat with a show dedicated to the subject.

“Summertime Salon 2013,” on view at Robin Rice Gallery through September 15 is an ode to all things midsummer: Beaches, bathing beauties, fabrics drying in the sun and scantily-clad swimmers. The annual group show includes images from 54 contemporary photographers whose work ranges from graphic and literal depictions of the subject, to more abstracted symbols of the season.

Says Rice of the show, “This is my favorite exhibit even though it takes months to curate and a week to install. It is my curatorial showcase.  I love the moment when the viewer is first drawn to an image,” says Rice. “Sometimes it’s indefinable; a moment when the viewer not only shares but also reconnects to an experience remembered.”

"Wemen," 2006. Image © Paul Dagys

“Wemen,” 2006. Image © Paul Dagys

"Barley Cover," 2012. Image © John Dolan.

“Barley Cover,” 2012. Image © John Dolan.

"Jillian Flowers," 2012. Image © Mark and Kristen Sink.

“Jillian Flowers,” 2012. Image © Mark and Kristen Sink.

"Suspended," 2012. Image © Keith Sharp.

“Suspended,” 2012. Image © Keith Sharp.

"Sandbox," 2013. Image © Mindaugas Gabrenas.

“Sandbox,” 2013. Image © Mindaugas Gabrenas.

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