Robin May and Matthew Jay: An Instagram Love Story

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It is not often that social media love stories take hold of us. But the story of Robin May Fleming and Matthew Fleming is one that I have been following for a while on Instagram, and is one of those modern-day fairytales.

If you haven’t read about the couple already, their story goes like this: The two met via the social media platform at the end of 2011 and began a long-distance relationship (she in Toronto and he in Oakland, California), both documenting their stories through their handles, @robinmay (more than 460,000 followers) and @matthewjay (more than 15,000 followers).

As followers of the pair, I became witness to their romance as they counted down the days between visits after their first meeting in early 2012, writing about how they couldn’t wait to see each other—Robin primarily documenting her environs with inspirational captions, Matthew uploading snaps from the seat of his bike.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, the two met and traveled by train to California where Matthew proposed a few days later—the whole chain of events going viral when they were (naturally) posted to Instagram. The two were married within a couple of weeks, all of it unfolding over the Internet.

Driftwood Visual, formed in 2009 by the Los Angeles-based husband and wife videography team of Katie and Matthew Denis, were asked to create the above video of the couple’s story and their wedding. Matthew (of Driftwood) and Robin met in much the same way as Matthew Fleming: by following each other on Instagram. Katie says that her and Robin quickly became friends thereafter.  “Matthew [Driftwoood] told Robin that he thought [the two of us] are a lot alike, and over a shared love of horses, tattoos and of course wandering, we became fast friends,” she says.

Katie says that although they don’t often shoot nuptials, they jumped at the chance. “When Robin asked us to shoot the wedding, we were of course so very excited. We expected the date to be months off, and were really surprised when she let us know it was in just about a week. We pushed some things in our schedule around and made the trip up to San Francisco on such short notice, but it was perfect. The vibe of the entire day was so laid back, we all had so much fun together,” she says.

The team captured the 4.5-minute video using a Canon 5d and 7d, an array of lenses and camera supports, sliders and a small steadicam system. You can see more of Driftwood Visual’s videos on their Vimeo channel.

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