Tech Tuesday: Joby UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate Preview

By // October 15, 2013 // Posted in Gear & Equipment, Tech Tuesday

JOBY JA5_HandBattGrip_RGBJoby, the company that brought us the GorillaPod and various camera straps, now has an interesting hand strap on the market that recently caught my eye.

The UltraFit Hand Strap is a combo hand strap and quick release plate, which (for me, at least) alleviates the need to keep a DSLR’s neck strap attached when switching between monopod, tripod and handheld shooting. My biggest issue with neck straps is that they get in the way when shooting on a support system and get tangled up when removing or attaching the camera.

The UltraFit is designed to work with all standard and pro DSLRs, even those with a battery grip. The strap is thin enough to not add much bulk to your setup, is threaded through the camera shoulder lug and can be adjusted to fit your hand.

Its universal quick-release plate is attached to the handstrap and mounts to the bottom of the camera. The base plate is Arca-Swiss compatible but if you’re using a different quick release system, the plate is equipped with two additional 1/4-20 screw mounts so you can mount your own QR plate and add another accessory as well—like a cross-body sling strap. This may not be a “must have” piece of kit for some photographers but I know this is going to find a permanent place in my camera bag.

The UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate is available now for $50.


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