RF Wedding of the Week: We Give Thanks for Elizabeth Messina’s Photography

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Heading into the holiday weekend, we wanted to give you a little treat, some straight-up beauty and a reminder why we’re thankful for a photographer like Elizabeth Messina who inspires us with her naturally-lit, film-based images and intense attention to detail.

elizabeth messina_0008

All photos © Elizabeth Messina

The wedding between Kendall and Hagen was shot by Messina at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in southern California and we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

elizabeth messina_0236 elizabeth messina_0069 elizabeth messina_0034 elizabeth messina_0016 elizabeth messina_0093
elizabeth messina_0067 elizabeth messina_0094 elizabeth messina_0061 elizabeth messina_0036 elizabeth messina_0133 elizabeth messina_0021elizabeth messina_0029 elizabeth messina_0227 elizabeth messina_0109 elizabeth messina_0011

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