Tell Subjects to Squinch–Peter Hurley’s No-Fail Posing Technique Goes Viral

By // November 22, 2013 // Posted in Photography, Portrait, Video, WPPI News

Our pal, Peter Hurley, has gotten a ton of internet attention over the past two days for his latest video, “It’s all about the Squinch.”

First it was PetaPixel, then Gizmodo and this morning—ABC News got in on the squinching action.

So what is squinching all about? Hurley defines it as “squinting and pinching the lower eyelid,” and his 15-minute tutorial goes into detail, helping you direct clients to take flattering headshots without fail.

Of course, we’ve loved Hurley’s teaching style for a long time. In fact, he’ll be giving the seminars “Creating the Perfect Headshot” and “The Final Ingredient: Direction in Portrait Photography” at WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas.

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Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon

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