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The “I” in WPPI stands for international, and each year our speaker lineup offers the world’s best educators from all corners of the planet. I think this is one of the things that makes the education at WPPI unique—and this year is no different. I’m stoked to announce some brand new international talent.

First up is Dee Green and Tracey Taylor of 37 Frames Photography. Dee and Tracey are Australian ex-pats living in Japan with an interesting story and electric energy. Their class “Making Your Wedding Business Work in Any Country, Any Language, Any Culture” will be great for anyone who has done travel to shoot for clients. They’ve worked hard at successfully breaking down social barriers and language problems while building an admirable portfolio. They also have been recent winners in our first and second half competitions. This promises to be a fun, informative session with great conversation flowing the entire session.

Kumiko and Hajime. October 13, 2013...

© 37 Frames Photography

Speaking of expats, David Williams (from the UK, but living in Canada) and Storey Wilkens will be giving a very unique, introspective class called “He Said, She Said: The Art of Balanced Wedding Coverage.” Their class will show you what they look for  when they are shooting, and how their team approach contributes to the final product.


© David Williams and Storey Wilkens

Owners of a thriving Irish portrait studio, Deasy Photographic, Sonia and Padraic Deasy will be traveling across the planet to join us in Vegas. Their class “Reinterpret Your Portrait Studio” breaks down the typical model for studio, and gives you the building blocks to start a successful business on your own. They are both incredibly charming and easy to learn from.


© Deasy Photographic

 Two of my favorite Canadians—Haley and Michael Shandro—will be discussing the team approach to wedding photography, but on the internal side. Their class, “Business Therapy: Fundamentals of a Healthy Wedding Business” will focus on the struggles of running a business with your significant other without destroying your marriage.


© Haley and Michael Shandro

Check out WPPI’s website to view all our classes, and stay tuned for more highlights of the show!

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