American Impressions from China’s Allxiu Photography Conference in Shanghai

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Jason Groupp was invited to be a judge and speaker at China’s Allxiu Photography Conference in Shanghai. This is the first of his dispatches from abroad.

Ni-Hao Shaghai! I’ve never been more happy to see an airplane in my rear view in my life. 16 hours non-stop from NYC to Shanghai is a LONG trip! I’m not going to lie, I am anxious about the return trip.


Shanghai at night. All photos © Jason Groupp

Anyway—I’m having a great time, and it’s been nice having some time to rest. Shanghai is a beautiful, modern city and the dichotomy between the new and old is fascinating. The bustle of this town is also quite exhilarating, and just like New Yorkers, the Chinese are busy people who have much of the same demeanor. I wouldn’t use the word rude, just focused on getting from one place to the other. You can also smoke anywhere, which I find oddly charming in the pubs and bars. Unlike in Vegas, there seems to be a romantic feel to the way they enjoy their cigarettes.

Of course the FOOD. Where do I start!?!?! OMG I am big Chinese food lover, but the food here is phenomenal. From soup dumplings, to Peking duck, and vegetables such as mushrooms and sautéed Vong in Thai sauce. SOOOO good!


Adventures in eating: Pickled duck tongue, complete with tonsils. Hmmmm.

I’m also enjoying my time with some of best WPPI speakers: Ken Sklute, David Beckstead, Sam Sciarrino, Danny and Julia Dong. Also judging with us is Louis Pang, Keda Z Feng and Alex Pan. The people here have been so nice and cordial; we got a sneak peek of the work we’re judging and I can say these guys are going to be bringing it! I’m really impressed.


Scenes from the Allxiu photography conference

It’s going to be a busy few days, but I know more food and fun adventures are in store! Make sure to follow the @rfwppi instagram account for more as the day goes on during print competition.

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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