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It’s been quiet in the office the last few days leading up New Year’s Eve. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on everything that has taken place this past year and it’s definitely been one for the books: there’s been lots of highs, some not-so-fun lows, and a ton of grind it out, middle of the road “get ‘er done” high fives over this past year. That said, I do feel great about some of the amazing strides we’ve accomplished this year, including making over and rebranding this blog your reading, updated our newsletter (thank to the editorial team!), our logo (thanks to Flosites!) and doing a better job of communicating with our peers. WPPI 2013 was a great success, our road shows were a blast and for the first time we had some great-hands on training sessions. For me, some the biggest highlights of the year involved getting time to chat with those of you who attended in each city, and also getting to travel to Shanghai (China!) to represent WPPI.

What an amazing city and group of people! I had no idea how many people were already familiar with our brand (even though they have done a great job of representing in our past competitions). I got to spend four fun days with these guys, and I miss them already. I started my own Weibo account (FB is blocked in China, this is their version) and got hooked on WeChat while I was there. It was also fun getting to spend time with David Beckstead, Sam Sciarrino, Ken Sklute, Alex Pan (who will be joining us as a judge this year for the first time!), Keda Z Feng, Dennis Mok, Louis Pang, and Danny + Julia Dong. I cannot thank Danny and Julia enough for all their help! They never left us alone, and made for the most amazing translators the whole time! You guys are the best! Also, a BIG thank you to the Allxiu crew who put the event together. You guys were simply first class all the way! Can’t wait for all the fun stuff we have planned for the future!

In the words of Jay-Z on his song A Dream, “remind yourself
Nobody built like you, you designed yourself” I think that’s a fitting quote for all of us as we head into 2014.

Thank you guys for all the love and support this year. I’m ALWAYS here for you, and I’d love to hear from ya! Have a happy and SAFE New Year kids!


This dish was called “stinky tofu” and was one of my favorites. It had an odd texture for tofu, and was definitely STINKY!


SO many different rice dishes! LOVE!




Shanghai Crab. Pretty, but a lot of work!










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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

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