Photographers Create Massive Christmas Tree Using 40 Camera Tripods (VIDEO)

By // December 18, 2013 // Posted in Friday Fun, Video

Talk about the Christmas spirit! The folks at Custom SLR spent 14 hours last week building a massive Christmas tree using 40 camera tripods, 300 ornaments and 486-feet of garland lights.

The tripod tree stood 17.4-feet tall and, as you can see from the video below, when lit up, it looked just like a real Christmas tree. According to Custom SLR, their creation is “the world’s biggest camera tripod Christmas tree.” (And it’s hard to argue with that since we’ve never heard of anyone building one before.)

The best part? It was all for charity: the decorations are being donated to the Salvation Army, and the tripods are going to afterschool and nonprofit photography programs.

(Via Reddit)

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