Indoor Fireworks and Flying Glasses Create Crazy (and Dangerous) Wedding Video

By // January 27, 2014 // Posted in Friday Fun, Video, Wedding

Indoor fireworks, flying glasses, and smoke bombs don’t usually add up to a successful wedding ceremony but as this crazy video (below) shows, if you’re lucky, you can just about pull it off.

Posted recently on Reddit, the two-minute clip shows how a clearly terrified bride handles it when her dress nearly catches on fire from all the pyrotechnics. In short, she’s a trooper!

Other great moments include the bride and the groom hurling their champagne glasses over their shoulder and nearly hitting party guests; and a bit at the end where an older gentleman lights a Roman candle into what appears to be a wooden ceiling as people start to run for cover.

It’s very lucky the whole place didn’t burn down!

(Via FStoppers)


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