Tamara Lackey’s 10 Ways to Create Real Profit in Your Portrait Business—A New WPPI Seminar

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If you’ve never seen Tamara Lackey speak, she’s a must-see. Her programs are always extremely entertaining, informative and inspiring. In our ever-changing industry, Tamara has managed to not only navigate all the changes, but has shared her successes and failures. We all know how difficult it is to manage that work/life balance, and she inspires me to work harder everyday to achieve a better equilibrium.


Tamara Lackey

She has a new program this year called “Top Ten Ways to Create Real Profit in Your Portrait Business” which I’m sure will be a great class and a must-not miss! Mark your calendars for Monday, March 3, 2014,  8:30 to 10 a.m.

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Tamara and I have been friends for many years, and she’s one of those people I really enjoy conversing with. I’ve been fortunate to share a stage with her during Photo Ignite, and many industry parties over the years. It’s been fun working with her on the conference side, and I had a really nice dinner with her last week as one of her favorite vegetarian restaurants in NYC. (Tamara is vigilant vegetarian, and even has this carnivore thinking about making a transition.)

Her energy always lights up a room, and her positive outlook is so refreshing and inspiring. She is also very witty, and has a sarcastic side that this New York’er really appreciates.

Join Tamara and myself Monday, March 3, in Las Vegas—vegetarian cocktails are sure to ensue.

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