Use This Snowy Day to Enter and Join the WPPI Print Comp Discussion!

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Happy Friday everyone!

For those of you digging out of winter storm Hercules, I hope you’re safe and in a warm place! My suggestion for this afternoon is to skip the shoveling, and instead save the digging for entries into the 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition!

Start with a GIANT mug of hot chocolate and a comfy spot to choose your work. It’s a much better choice than the cold!


2013 Print Comp winners. (L-R: Danielle Riley, Enrique Oliver, Rocco Ancora, Kelly Brown, Kaupo Kikkas, David Edmonson, Jerry Ghionis)

Got questions?! Join the conversation on our Facebook page! Lots of warm discussions happening there today!

For instance, here’s a great post from two members on our page about whether to enter the premier category or one of the others:

Bob, two years ago I entered for the first time and had a similar viewpoint. I wanted to compete in the full blown categories since I’ve been a photographer a long time and didn’t see myself as a “premiere.” Unfortunately that was a mistake. Several of my entries scored low due to what I now see as obvious mistakes with my prints but were not obvious then. One of my prints could have scored much higher but was held at an 84 due to easy to fix things. Many of the others scored low also due to easy to fix problems. The judges were very fair and I agree with all their rulings. They spotted these problems right away and made me aware of imperfections I had never realized. The problem was that I had never seen that level of judging before and I made rookie mistakes. Once you sit there live in the judging room you get amazing insight into the judges’ thinking and can be better prepared to enter next year’s contest and avoid any easy to fix problems in your prints that would hold it from higher scores. The whole experience has raised my level of work I think.

This is what our competition is all about: Growth and knowledge! Imagine the things you’ll learn this year! The deadline to enter is January 8th, check out our new website (if you haven’t already), and join the fun!

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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