Behind the Scenes of “Arctic Chill” by Heather Birnie [RF Video of the Week]

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Heather Birnie, a student photographer based in the UK, let Dylan Roberts Photo behind the scenes to take a look at how she’s putting together her latest series, “Arctic Chill.”

Though only 20 years old, Birnie has delved into multiple realms of photography already. Currently studying fashion and advertising photography at the University of Wales, Birnie also shoots portraits, live music, sports, architecture and more. In the spirit of the polar vortex season, Birnie’s fashion photography series “Arctic Chill” dips into the glamorously beautiful side of winter.

But Birnie’s shoot isn’t outdoors in the cold — she’s in the studio, with model Valencia Germain, makeup artist Shona Waters of Shona Eluned MUA, and some seriously awesome lighting equipment. Oh, and a cat named Panda.

An assisting hand sprays some fake snow onto Germain from an aerosol can to get that fluffy, powdery dusting throughout the frame as Birnie snaps away — and we love how Roberts used that whimsical way the fake snow falls to create a slow-motion rewind in the introduction.

The video is accompanied by “As Colorful As Ever” by Broke For Free. Check out more of Dylan Roberts’ videos.

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