Friday Fun: Hilarious Korean Yearbook Photos Offer Wacky Take on Senior Portraits

By // February 21, 2014 // Posted in Friday Fun, Portrait

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your senior portrait business, you might take inspiration from theses creative photos of high school students in Korea. Instead of the boring, traditional yearbook photos, some Korean high schools allow their students to express their inner wackiness through off-the-wall portraits in outrageous costumes and poses.

Korean Senior Photos 3
Check out a bunch of the photos below (and more here), which were recently scanned from Korean high school yearbooks and shared across the Internet.

While these hilarious shots might not be suited for every student (or every school), it is a decidedly different approach to senior portrait photography that could catch on here as well.

(Via My Modern Met, Maru 1, and RocketNews24)


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