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Ike & Tash are a very adorable husband-and-wife photography team based in the Seattle area, just shootin’, teachin’ and raising their smoochable child (this kid is beyond cute).

They shoot a variety of portraiture, but this wedding—between couple Nia and Buki—perfectly encapsulates their fun-loving style.

Ike&Tash_462From the photographers: “The couple was wonderful and gracious. They are both of Nigerian descent which we loved because it gave us a chance to shoot some of their traditional customs.”


Ike&Tash_282 Ike&Tash_262 Ike&Tash_391In their gear bag, Ike & Tash had one of the following: Nikon D800, Nikon D700, Nikkor AF 105mm 2.8 D, Nikkor AFS 85mm 1.8G, Nikkor AF 85mm 1.8D, 2x Nikkor AFS 50mm 1.4, Nikkor AF 35mm f2 D, Nikkor AFS DX 10-24mm 3.5-4.5 G, Nikon SB700, an old Vivitar Flash and a Bowens Gemini 500R.

Ike&Tash_342Ike&Tash_302Ike&Tash_332As every wedding photographer knows, the day often goes off-schedule. “Things got really behind, causing us to have to rethink our strategy on the spot,” says Tash. “There was supposed to be a time set aside for a ‘first look’ and bridals before the ceremony, but because of the lack of time, we had to scratch that idea, which gave us literally 30 minutes to do family formals, formal bridals, and bridal party pictures. In addition, there were a lot of different details and events happening during the day, which made keeping on schedule especially key.”


Ike&Tash_46244Ike&Tash_2Ike&Tash_552And of course, what added fun to this wedding was the couple: “The bride and groom made their entrance into the reception in an Aston Martin and then went straight into a traditional money dance,” say the photographers. “The bride and groom also had a dance competition between their bridal parties, there was a party booth with lots of cool props, and at the end of the night, the couple got dressed in their traditional African garb and danced the night away! It was an exhausting but very fun and rewarding experience!”

Ike&Tash_741Ike&Tash_821Ike&Tash_851Ike&Tash_941See more of Ike & Tash’s work here.

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