Geek Out to these Blade Runner Inspired Engagement Photos

By // April 16, 2014 // Posted in Portrait, Wedding

It’s always fun to spice up an engagement photo session with a wacky theme, and photographer Paul Hillier has done just that with these fantastic Blade Runner-inspired images.


The Blade Runner concept came from the bride-to-be, Krissy Myers, whose fiancé clearly enjoyed playing along. Hillier’s reaction when Myers suggested replicating (so to speak!) the rainy, neon-infused scenes from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic?

“I believe the term the kids are using now days is, OMFG YES!,” Hillier wrote on his Tumblr blog.

Engagement photo sessions inspired by sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies have been a ongoing trend in the wedding photography industry for the last few years. One of our favorites are these Zombie engagement photos from photographer Amanda Rynda.

Geek on!

(Via Boing Boing)

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