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A nature-filled, wooded wedding almost always provides interesting, beautiful shots, but there are also plenty of challenges to shooting such an event: dark, shaded areas hidden by over-arching trees; inclement weather; uneven terrain. Photographer Lucas Mobley overcame such challenges while shooting a gorgeous ceremony in a family property near Bremerton, Washington overlooking the Hood Canal.

lucas_mobley_photography-052lucas_mobley_photography-001lucas_mobley_photography-095“The ceremony was under the tall pines where [bride] Rachel had played as a kid,” Mobley says. “It was a quintessential Pacific Northwest setting, but it was so dark!” However, he overcame it by shooting at 1/200 f2 at 3200 ISO. “Even a couple years ago, it would have been really hard to get clean images in a situation that dark,” Mobley says. “With good prime lenses and improved high ISO performance, so much more is now possible!”

lucas_mobley_photography-003And of the couple, Rachel and Jimmy, Mobley says, “Their first look was one of the most emotional I have ever witnessed. Think cable car to the beach and tears of joy. The ceremony was in the woods behind Rachel’s childhood home under a chandler hung from a tall tree. The view was beautiful, dancing was epic, food was great and the camping was necessary after so much fun.”

lucas_mobley_photography-009 lucas_mobley_photography-011 lucas_mobley_photography-012lucas_mobley_photography-014lucas_mobley_photography-023 lucas_mobley_photography-030lucas_mobley_photography-072lucas_mobley_photography-073lucas_mobley_photography-033lucas_mobley_photography-081Specific gear included: a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon D5 Mark II, and lenses 35mm F1.4, 85mm f1.2, 100mm Macro and a 16-35mm f2.8.

lucas_mobley_photography-082 lucas_mobley_photography-092 lucas_mobley_photography-094As for lighting the reception, Mobley relays: “The dance floor was in a carport, but luckily the DJ had brought some rad lasers and glow sticks. It was a great chance to play with fun ways of lighting dancing.”

lucas_mobley_photography-100lucas_mobley_photography-099lucas_mobley_photography-105lucas_mobley_photography-108 lucas_mobley_photography-103
To see more of Lucas Mobley’s “candid Seattle wedding photography,” visit his blog. To submit a Wedding of the Week,  email Jessica Gordon.

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