The Making of ‘DEDICATED,’ 21 Days with the Nikon D4s [RF Video of the Week]

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Tasked with shooting a behind-the-scenes film following three prolific photographers to seven locations around the world, Corey Rich and his movie-making crew were given a couple of caveats: they (including the photographers they were filming) had to shoot exclusively on the Nikon D4s (which made a debut at WPPI this year), and they only had three weeks to do it. In the making of DEDICATED, Rich gives us a sense of what it was like shooting a “small footprint production,” all the while sharing and getting inspired by one another’s die-hard passion for photography and visual storytelling.

Rich and his crew accompanied Sports Illustrated photographer Robert Beck on the ski slopes of Snowbird, Utah, freelance sports shooter Dave Black to race tracks of all kinds and outdoor adventure photographer George Karbus to the blustering cliffs of Ireland with their Nikon D4s cameras in hand, in rigs and attached to drones. The team was particularly impressed with how smoothly the Nikon D4s performed, whether it was transitioning from dark to light spaces in auto ISO or capturing flicker-free time-lapse scenes.

Having worked for decades as an extreme-adventure photographer, Rich says in the video, “I think part of the excitement was that I love photography and I love visual storytelling, so to have the ability to really be a fly on the wall and watch these guys at work was fascinating to me. I mean, anytime you get to watch experts at their craft, you grow, you learn.”

Rich wanted to show the love each of these photographers have for their craft and how they approach it differently. Black analyzed the lighting situation and planned out a scenario with the exact composition and background he wanted, Rich observes, while Beck let the action unfold in front of him in order to determine the best place to slip himself into the action and get the best shots. Karbus’ approach was to “just be there and wait, wait for Mother Nature to dish out something that’s incredible,” Rich describes.

“You can never take it too seriously; you’ve got to be having fun in the process, because when you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like work,” he says. “And usually when there’s that perfect balance of having fun, working hard, being creativethat’s when you’re creating your best content.”

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