Download This Gorgeous Free Poster Showing the Evolution of Classic Cameras

By // May 9, 2014 // Posted in Cameras & Lenses, Friday Fun

If you’re interested in the history of photography like we are you’re going to love this gorgeous, illustrated poster from Retrofuturismo-Kitsch, showing the evolution of analog cameras over the years. The poster, which you can download for free here at its full resolution, begins with an ancient Camera Obscura and travels through time all the way up to the Sony Mavica in 1981.


Our only gripe is we wished it had included some cameras from the digital era. For that, you’ll have to shell out $29 for this equally beautiful poster titled “A Visual Compendium of Cameras,” which includes models through the Lytro and GoPro.

(Via PetaPixel)

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  1. Polaroid introduced the SX-70 in 1972. The poster has it identified as an XS-70.

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