RF Wedding of the Week: Bryan and Mae Master Purple Venue Lighting

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As the weather gets warmer and bookings pick up, there’s sure to be a full season of weddings with challenging photographic scenarios in venues across the country.


When I came upon a recent shoot of our old friends (and one of RF’s 30 Rising Stars 2013) Bryan and Mae, I was impressed by the way a toughly-lit venue (The Henry in Dearborn, Michigan) that was so very purple was photographed so expertly. The bride and groom, Manal and Farhaad, came together in a Pakistani-Arabic ceremony that was filled with laughter and traditions.


“Using an off-camera flash was important to being able to have my subjects well lit and to keep the background from being blown-out,” says Mae. “I used Canon’s 600 EX speed light on-camera, triggering an off camera speed light that I moved to various places around the room, depending upon the look I wanted to achieve. It also allowed me to create a more natural look than direct or bounced on-camera flash would have offered.”



Otherwise,the wedding was shot using the Canon 5D Mark III. “I mostly used the 35 f/1.4 and 50 f/1.2 as my lenses, along with the 135 f/2,” says Mae.

The bride and groom Manal and Farhaad “were such a sweet couple,” says Mae. “They are both incredibly intelligent and driven individuals who have a huge support system in the friends and family who came to celebrate with them at their reception. A Pakistani Arabic wedding was bound to be fun, but this one just topped the charts. It was an honor to photograph it for them.”

Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0011Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0031Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0271 Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0182Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0171Dearborn-Michigan-Pakistani-Arabic-Wedding-0282

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