RF Wedding of the Week: Aloha—Danielle and Jimmy Get Maui’ed (and Photographed by Mariah Milan)

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I’ve never been to Hawaii, but in this Maui elopement, I can live vicariously through photographer Mariah Milan, who endearingly starts her emails with “Aloha” and ends them with “Mahalo.”


All photos @ Mariah Milan

The bride and groom, Danielle and Jimmy, wanted a small, intimate ceremony on Kukahiko Estate, for which Milan happily photographed. In addition to writing their own vows, “they were fun and willing to venture all over the private estate for the images they wanted,” says the photographer.

maui-2014-0012maui-2014-0017 maui-2014-0020 maui-2014-0035 maui-2014-0038“We were all lucky to be serenaded by Kaniala and his beautiful voice,” writes Milan in her blog post about the wedding. “He even followed us out onto the rocks so we always had the sound of the rolling waves and his voice and ukulele.”
maui-2014-0075maui-2014-0090 maui-2014-0076maui-2014-0097 maui-2014-0087The ceremony was shot with a Nikon D4, 50mm 1.4 lens, as well as a Nikon D700 and a 24-70mm 2.8 lens in the mid-afternoon under cloud cover and soft light, which—says Milan “was perfect for a filmy, romantic look.”

maui-2014-0109 maui-2014-0024

But being in beautiful Hawaii doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Not only was rain a factor, but, “We did have to walk over pretty sharp lava rocks to get out onto the lava peninsula, and the waves were huge and very loud!” says Milan. Aside from that, the photographer says it was “the perfect day.”

maui-2014-0153 maui-2014-0174 maui-2014-0146 maui-2014-0215


To see more of Milan’s weddings, visit her website.  To submit a wedding feature, email Jessica Gordon.

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