Behold! The 2014 Winners of WPPI’s First Half Members Only Competition

What a great start to the year! We had over 3,300 entries for 2014’s First Half Members Only Competition! With the help of judges Jerry Ghionis, Danny Dong, Alex Pan, Luke Edmonson, Jacqueline Tobin, Bambi Cantrell, Christian Lalonde and myself, it was truly a labor of love.

Not only was every entry given a score, each image received comments and feedback. Our competition is about growth, after all, and we’re continuing to find ways to improve this process every year. We want WPPI members to continue their paths to greatness!

So, without further ado, here are the first-, second- and third-place winners in each category. We will have a robust gallery loaded with much more imagery in a few weeks. And there’s no time to rest: this is your first reminder to gather your images for the Second Half competition, which opens Friday, August 1!

Huge congrats to the winners and our humblest thanks to those who participated — you guys represent the best!

Bride and Groom Together: Non-Wedding Day

Bride or Groom Alone: Non-Wedding Day

Ray Loh Elegant Romantic_2015100648 (1)w_badge

© Ray Loh


Mark Duffus_2015102379 (3)w_badge

© Mark Duffus


Tyson Vick_2015100282 (1)w_badge

© Tyson Vick

Tyson Vick_2015100281 (3)w_badge

© Tyson Vick


LiJun Zhang + Alexander Leking_2015101108 (1)w_badge

© LiJun Zhang and Alexander Leking

LiJun Zhang + Alexander Leking_2015101122 (2)w_badge

© LiJun Zhang and Alexander Leking

Enya Mareine_2015100550 (3)w_badge

© Enya Mareine


David Edmonson_2015101670 (2)w_badge

© David Edmonson



Jennifer Tallerico_2015100420 (1)w_badge

© Jennifer Tallerico

David Edmonson_2015101678 (2)w_badge

© David Edmonson

Melody Smith_2015103753 (3)w_badge

© Melody Smith


Gemma Higgins_2015103377 (1)w_badge

© Gemma Higgins

Akis Douzlatzis_2015100831 (3)w_badge

© Akis Douzlatzis


JB Sallee_2015103143 (1)w_badge

© JB Sallee

JB Sallee_2015103144 (2)w_badge

© JB Sallee

High School Senior

Robert Shaw_2015101817 (3)w_badge

© Robert Shaw


Akis Douzlatzis_2015100830 (1)w_badge

© Akis Douzlatzis

Bridal Party 

Mauro Cantelmi_2015103812 (3)w_badge

© Mauro Cantelmi

Bride and Groom Together: Wedding Day

Enya Mareine_2015102311 (1)w_badge

© Enya Mareine

Cindy Harter Sims_2015102984 (3)w_badge

© Cindy Harter Sims

Bride or Groom: Wedding Day

XuBao Guo_2015101280 (1)w_badge

© XuBao Guo


LiJun Zhang_2015101189 (1)w_badge

© LiJun Zhang and Alexander Leking

Enya Mareine_2015102440 (2) copyw_badge

© Enya Mareine

Enya Mareine_2015102443 (3)w_badge

© Enya Mareine

Wedding Details

Ko Hung Chin_2015103005 (1) copyw_badge

© Ko Hung Chin

JB Sallee_2015103140 (2)w_badge

© JB Sallee

Yeong Shen Tan_2015102671 (3)w_badge

© Yeong Shen Tan

Wedding PJ

Yeong Tan_2015103447 (1).w_badge

© Yeong Tan

2015103481 (2)w_badge

© Alex Huang

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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  1. So many beautiful images..thanks very much for posting these. An observation maybe someone could help with. It would seem that the trend I see here is that the industry is moving away from getting it right in camera to getting it fixed in Photoshop. The majority of the images here are very very heavily edited…is that the direction our industry is heading?
    Please don’t get me wrong here…the images I’m looking at are just amazing and so inspirational…but if this is the direction our industry that would be good to know.

    My 2nd questions is…do clients buy art work like this? In my studio it seems that the art images that I create are loved but very seldom purchased. Anyone else seeing that?

    Thanks for the help my friends.

  2. @Steve-
    WPPI is known for choosing ridiculously photoshopped images as their winners. If you’re going to submit images, you better purchase Paintshop, bump up your clarity and apply as many Topaz presets as possible, lol. This is not where the industry is heading-just WPPI trying to be cutting edge.Keep in mind most real clients will be pissed if you deliver this artsy bullshit.

  3. Hey Jon & Steve – Of course some images are more PS but some may look that way and aren’t…check out 2nd place in Illustrative by my father David Edmonson…you might look and think that’s a composite or PS created image – when in fact it’s a single exposure using a set we built and lit with 11 strobes to create the lighting patterns we were looking for. And do our clients like concept shoots like that one? Absolutely!

  4. I am so very proud of my guild members in Dallas Texas who did so well! Congratulations JB Sallee, David Edmondson and Paul Ernest! Well done fellas you do Texas proud!
    lovely images everyone and congratulations to all who entered and merited!

  5. Jon & Steve,
    I do not see any problem with the images above.
    Most of the images are creative, and well captured. Todays customers are ready to pay good $$$$ if it is done well. The future of photography industry is in the ART and not only in the clicking of the shutter.

    And yes WPPI is well ahead of its time.

    Congrats, to all the winners.


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  7. There are some beautiful images but most now appear to be digitally manipulated away from what a photograph should be, to an ‘artists’ impression using more Photoshop presets than is necessary.

    Please have a look at your vision of PHOTOGRAPHY.