Tech Tuesday: This Cool New Lens Pouch Attaches to Your Belt

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Carpenters have the right idea with their multi-pocketed carpenter belts—everything they need is within easy reach. Similarly, Spider Holster products, which now includes a Medium Lens Pouch, follows suit.

medium-lens-bigWhy not wear an extra lens (or two) so you can quickly switch out glass rather than dragging around a separate bag or case?  The new pouch is designed to be attached via Velcro to the company’s SpiderPro Holster belt or the Black Widow belt, but can be hooked on to pretty much any belt. And thanks to the Velcro loop, the pouch can slide out of the way when necessary.

medium lens pouch- cap and tether

Constructed of Cordura for strength and neoprene for flexibility, the pouch comes with a water-resistant zipper and—thanks to its neoprene insert—stretches enough for even larger hands to comfortably reach in and grab the lens. It’s large enough that you can leave the lens hood on in ready-to-go position. Rear lens caps can be securely tethered to the pouch for even faster switch outs (and to prevent dropping or losing the cap). The top cover can be folded back or removed entirely  and, if you’re working outdoors, just slide on the rain cover to protect the lens.

The pouch is also compatible with the company’s Spider Monkey for even more versatility. There’s a larger version of the lens pouch as well for your longer telephoto lenses, so you can customize the number and sizes of pouches.

$65 (medium lens pouch)
$75 (large lens pouch)

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