WPPI Will Be At Photoshop World Next Week—Will You?!

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Hey guys!

If you’re going to Photoshop World in Las Vegas next week, be sure to come say hi! WPPI will have a #hi5wppi booth on September 3rd and 4th, and will be giving you tons of opportunities to win some free SWAG!!

We’d love to meet all of you, discuss what WPPI can offer you, and of course give you a big high five, up high! You may even run into a Photoshop World Speaker or two. I’ll also be dropping some down and dirty OCF knowledge in these classes during the conference.


Check out my schedule here:

10 Off Camera Flash Setups for Weddings (Wed., Sept 3rd, 6–7 pm). Over the years, I’ve found having easy-to-use, and replicate lighting setup is key to a great off camera flash. We will walk you through 10 OCF setups you can put into use with a little practice.

Off Camera Flash for Weddings (Thurs., Sept 4, 12–1 pm). We have a ton of choices of how to do it, but all the the same goal in mind: creating great light. I will walk you through the lighting setups, and some of the gear I use to shoot weddings today.

Lighting for Weddings and Events on the Fly (Thurs., Sept 4th, 5-6 pm). Down & dirty, on the fly. Lighting for weddings can be done easily, fast and inexpensively.

The Business Side of the Wedding Photography (Fri., Sept 5th, 8:15 am-9:15 am). A panel discussion with myself, Roberto Valenzuela and Frank Salas.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my classes:

#20 Varick short-HDV 720p30 from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.

There’s still time to sign up and join us! Photoshop World is a really fun, and insanely educational show, if you can make the trip we’d love to see you there! #hi5wppi

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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