Get a Grip with the New SpiderPro Hand Strap [Tech Tuesday]

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The new SpiderPro Hand Strap from Spider Holster won’t solve neck, shoulder and back pain that comes with carrying lots of gear, but we can pretty much scratch hand cramps off the list of photography-related ailments.


Among the other hand straps that I’ve tested, the SpiderPro model tops the list in terms of comfort. Constructed of leather and memory foam, the strap molds to the shape of your hand. I haven’t used it long enough to test the “memory” part of the foam but the padding’s flexibility leaves a little wiggle room for your hand and helps prevent the strap from cutting into your hand.


Designed in an “S” shape and adjustable in both length and angle, you can custom-fit the strap to allow freedom of movement to easily reach camera controls. The strap is attached at one end to the camera strap lug; the other end sits under any quick release/tripod plate (not included) but can also work with sling straps or by using the supplied hardware. Attaching the SpiderPro isn’t any more difficult than other straps but it does take a little time, especially since you’ll want to ensure a good, comfortable fit.

The SpiderPro also comes with a removable wrist support, that snaps into the main strap. I found it to be a little too restrictive but can understand its usefulness for a more secure grip. Whether or not you use it is a personal decision; give it a try keeping in mind that the size of your hand may affect that decision.


Spider Holster’s SpiderPro Hand Strap is available in black and, this summer, will also come in three additional colors: red, cream and kodiak (dark brown). It’s a little pricey at $65 (black) or $75 (colors), but if you’re looking for a comfortable and secure hand strap, it’s well worth the money.

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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing it. Would this hand strap work alongside a Pentax 645n or any other medium format cameras? Would you be able to use the Spider hand strap along with the Holdfast Money Maker system? Thanks!