How’s it Going? A Post-WPPI Check-in

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It’s been six weeks since WPPI, and I’m just catching my breath as we clear out the room with all the prints we’re returning from The 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking competition. I do love coming in each morning and looking through the log of returns and catching a glimpse of the prints going out. It’s like a Who’s Who of photographers, and serves as a huge inspiration for me. As a photographer myself, I’ve been thrilled to be getting out and doing some more shooting this spring, and as things continue to warm up, I love grabbing my co-workers to discuss great concepts, lighting and moments each of you captured.

Which brings me to next thought—I realized that many of you don’t know all the talented people I work with who dedicate themselves to serving this community. Many of them are working artists and/or photographers themselves, and we’re going to introduce you to them over the next several months. These guys care so much about our industry and work hard every day to keep our community strong.


Top Row (left to right): Jason Groupp (Me!) Director of WPPI, Jodi Rosenblum, our dedicated conference guru—she helps us find the world’s greatest speakers! Bottom Row (left to right): Mike Gangel is our Sales Director and loves helping us create events that help to strengthen our community. He also can be given credit for spearheading the Hakkasan parties at WPPI, which are now legendary. Noah Christensen has recently joined us (although has been with us for several years) to help us build our membership benefits. He’s here to help all of our members needs, and to make sure everyone enjoys what we have to offer!

With that in mind, I wanted to open up the discussion and ask, “How’s it going?!”

How has WPPI helped you this year?

Who helped you up your game from WPPI this year?

Who would you like to hear more from this year?

What would you like from me? I need a challenge!

WPPI is a conference overseen by myself and a group of colleagues who’ve been keeping this industry going strong for the last 35 years. Remember, our group purchased WPPI several years ago and was then married with our sister conference Photo Plus Expo in New York (October 21st-24th).

We realize there are lots of choices out there and that we are an organization run by an organization, but the people who work here are dedicated to serving you. Our mission has been clear for decades, and is shown in our strong partnerships with SWPP, PPA, MPA, APA, ASMP and Kelby One—all of whom share our same ideas and values. WPPI has withstood the test of time and continues to grow and build on it’s backbone of networking, education and camaraderie. There is no substitute for that.

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Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp

Jason Groupp is the Director of WPPI and a New York City photographer heavily steeped in the industry. Adoring New York City far beyond any healthy proportion, Jason has maintained his photography studio in West Chelsea for the past 12 years.

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  1. Speaking at WPPI 2015 was an amazing experience for me. WPPI has forced me to look at what I was providing to my Master Class audience and encouraged me refocus and recommit to everything I was teaching. In fact, this has improved my business substantially by increasing sales and making the entire business process run more smoothly. It is often easy to fall into a rut and do things the easy way, but refocusing efforts on the business side is one of the major improvements you can do. So, I am thankful that my own class has helped me and my business grow even more.

    Even though I was busy speaking at WPPI and the Expo, I was able to sit in on several other platform classes. These wonderful speakers, such as Kirk Voclain, Bambi Cantrell, Lindsay Adler, Dane Sanders, and many others keep giving me wonderful ideas on how my business can become better.

    Implementation is the key. Learning from these established photographers is fine, but if you do not implement what ideas you get from them, your business will not improve. I have already phased several ideas into my business, with several more getting introduced over the next few months. Without all the ideas from WPPI over the years, my photography business would never have grown to what it is today.

    Here are a few tips that will allow WPPI 2015 to keep helping you:

    Tip #1 – Look at your notes and start implementing 2-3 ideas.

    Tip #2 – Have a plan to implement more ideas over the next 6-9 months.

    Tip #3 – Evaluate how those ideas have worked and either tweak them or try something different (remember, not every suggestion works for everyone).

    Tip #4 – Determine what you need to do to make your business better (be brutally honest) and start thinking about courses to take at WPPI 2016. It is never too early to start planning.