Dream Job? El Camino’s Photographer-to-Go

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Photographing a destination wedding is a great way for photographers to see the world. The travel company El Camino has another: they book vacations with a professional photographer included.

The hook is simple: rather than have tourists fumble with their own cameras, smartphones and selfie sticks, El Camino’s pro photographers take beautiful pictures while the travelers get to bask in their vacation.

© El Camino

Photo © El Camino

Each morning, El Camino’s travelers get about 20-30 images from the previous day that they can upload to their social networks to show the world how much fun they’re having (and how cool they look doing it). At the conclusion of the trip, they’ll get about 150 more high-res JPEGs.

El Camino was founded by Katalina Mayorga and Marianna Jamadi, self-described photographers and socially conscious entrepreneurs. The pair promise a “curated travel experience” with three percent of the profits going to a local, social entrepreneur in the country visited. El Camino currently book tours to Nicaragua and Colombia.

To date, Jamadi has been the photographer of choice for the company’s sojourns but upcoming trips will be handled by contributing photographers that the company hires, Jamadi said. The company is working with the Colombian fashion photographer Valeria Duque and U.S.-based editorial portrait photographer Kate Warren, among others. If you’re interested in being an El Camino photographer, you can contact them here.

Sounds like a pretty great experience for the photographers and travelers alike.

© El Camino

© El Camino

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