Why It’s Worth Getting WPPI-Certified and What It Can Do For Business

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Have you heard about WPPI-C? Becoming WPPI-certified is a great way to help show your clients you have taken the steps to prove you have what it takes. It also shows that you’re an active part of our industry and are willing to prove it! But don’t take it from me—let’s hear from some of the photographers who are on track to getting or have already earned their certifications.

Brian Mcmillen - WPPIC

Photo © BKM Photo

Brian Mcmillen says, “Becoming a certified photographer with WPPI was something I not only wanted to do but needed to do. The process was hassle-free but challenging enough to make me learn something from it. It’s the future standard for a wedding photographer, and I suggest it to everyone.”

You can also see how Brian proudly displays his WPPI-Certification in his email signature as well as in his profile photo on Facebook—it’s great to see everyone’s excitement with this new gold standard in certification!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.43.06 AMSarra Nelson, from Chula Vista, California, explains why she declared WPPI-C candidacy: “When I learned that WPPI would be partnering with NYIP for a certification course, I was thrilled. As professionals, I believe we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, not just in portfolio but in business practice as well. WPPI-C is the perfect way to evaluate both. To be able to say, ‘I am WPPI-certified!’ will be validation that my work is truly worthy of this distinction. What I love most about the course is that each concept is broken down so simply. The exam process was even easier than I had hoped—every question was straight-forward and followed the course content very closely.”

Erin Costa writes, “This is finally a certification that is directly relevant to my primary field of work (weddings!). To have the opportunity to receive a certification that is not only based on your skills as a photographer but also as a business owner and marketer is really exciting and, bonus, you are getting relevant feedback from masters in the wedding industry.”

Laurie Warta has my favorite quote since we began this program: “Let the journey change YOU!” She adds, “Paper means nothing if I haven’t allowed the journey of the certification process to change me. It is an investment in myself and business, a challenge to seek, know, learn, and grow as a photographer and businesswoman. It is a higher standard that I challenged myself to reach. It means that, as a certified professional holding both the PPA and now WPPI certifications, I MUST know my stuff, walk taller, talk kinder and treat others as I want to be treated, in all circumstances, all the time.


Photo © Laurie Warta Photography

“Preparing for the WPPI-C exam can be a big undertaking,” she continues. “Plowing through the enormous amount of information one must know in order to pass the exam is no small feat. It is NOT impossible, though! As with anything worth achieving, it takes time and effort. The folks at NYIP are incredibly helpful and encouraging. On the other end, knowing you passed and now live with new and exciting knowledge that can be used on the job or to encourage others is one of the most exciting parts of the entire journey.”

WPPI-C has been a labor of love for us here at WPPI, and I’m so proud of these pioneers who are helping to shape the new gold standard in our industry. I encourage you to check out WPPI-C, and once again I express my thanks for the hard work from Roberto Valenzuela, Luke Edmonson and countless others in helping to build this program.

Don’t forget: along with WPPI-C’s exclusive content and individual portfolio reviews, you get all the benefits of becoming a WPPI member as well! You’ll get:

  • A one-year subscription to PDN and Rf magazines ($65 value).
  • 30% discount on all PDN, Rf and WPPI contests.
  • Member’s discount (up to 30%) to WPPI and PhotoPlus conferences and expos.
  • Participation in exclusive members only contests like the First Half and Second Half Competitions.
  • PhotoServe.com portfolio listing with your contact information, links to your website and searchable specialties.
  • Vendor discounts to photographic services, like 20% off TCP Photography Insurance, 25% off Tenba products, $30 off BlinkBid Estimating software and more!

Become one of the first to earn this important distinction; become a member today.

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