How to Use a Slider Like a Jib For Wedding Videos [RF Video of the Week]

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Jibs aren’t the most portable pieces of equipment out there, so most times you won’t want to bring one to a wedding, if ever, with all the run-and-gunning going on. They are helpful for getting those nice, sweeping pan shots, though.

There’s probably more than one way to combat this little dilemma, but one method is to use a (much more portable) slider instead. With a few knob and sliding adjustments, it can transform into a mini version of that big, honking jib and provide the same kind of shots (with a little practice on the operator’s end, of course).

Brent Pierce of the photo blog Cineblur shows us how to make this happen (in conjunction with Premium Beat). He uses a Kessler Stealth Slider in his demonstration, a Panasonic GH4, tripod and two video heads, which he says is crucial.

Here are some extra tips from Pierce on how to better execute this technique:

1. Use a wide angle lens for more dramatic movement.

2. Target movement from your subject. Take, for example, the last shot in the video of the guy walking away with the backpack—combining a dramatic jib move with the movement of the subject created a nice, dynamic shot overall.

3. Don’t limit yourself because of gear. This tutorial is a great example of achieving something with somewhat limited tools. Use what you have and make the shot happen. That’s one thing that separates the great filmmakers from the good filmmakers.

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