A Trigger with Split Second Timing [Tech Tuesday]

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Photographers pride themselves on having quick reactions, getting the shot at the peak moment. But sometimes we (at least I) need a little help capturing an event that happens so quickly that it’s over before our brain signals that it’s time to snap the shutter. That’s when technology like triggers from Ubertronix come into play.

The company offers five different variations on its Strike Finder trigger, each with several types of sensors. The most basic, named simply the Strike Finder, is equipped with lightning and laser sensors. At the other end of the spectrum, the latest model called the Strike Finder Touch, is the most sophisticated (and most expensive) of the five.


In addition to touch-screen programming, the Touch model is equipped with four sensor types: lightning (or fireworks), laser (although you will need to provide an external laser pointer), sound and motion. And to top it off, the Touch has a time-lapse mode that can be triggered by any of the sensor types you choose. Beyond that, you can program the frequency, exposure and the maximum number of images—up to several thousand.

On the Touch, delay, sensitivity and maximum number of images can also be set for all four sensor types. The Touch measures 4 x 2 1/4 x 1 inches, so it’s easy to stow in your camera bag. Powered by four AA batteries, an optional AC adapter is available as well.


If you need more than the basic Strike Finder ($99) but less than the high-end Touch ($349), be sure to check out the Strike Finder Pro ($169), the Strike Finder Pro II ($219) and the Strike Finder Elite ($299).


I’m putting the Touch on my wish list but until I come up with the cash, I think I’ll download the $0.99 Ubertronix Strike Finder app and see if I can snap some lightning bolts with my iPhone or iPad.

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