An Arab-American Wedding in Greece, by Nik Pekridis [RF Wedding of the Week]

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One thing I love about covering different weddings every week is that no two are ever alike. Take, for example, Nik Pekridis‘ coverage of Arab-American couple Markous and Nadeen’s nuptials in Chalkidiki, Greece—a stunning mix of an exotic couple with a breathtaking location and storytelling flair (peppered with photojournalistic accents galore).


All Photos © Nik Pekridis

Says Pekridis, a Greek islands based wedding photographer (third generation) with 30 years experience, “We had everything that day—Arabian music, an American party, lots of guests  from all over the world and some incredible scenery.”


“A wedding day is like no other,” he adds. “It is a photographer’s great honor to capture the wordless emotions that capture the anticipated nuptials. Every detail of the day—the fabric, the floral arrangements, the gowns, the tuxedos, the rings and other details—all enhance the memories and moments unfolding.” (Pekridis’ go-to cameras to capture the day in all its glory were the Nikon Df and D 800.)


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