Shooting the Stars of Star Wars (Both Human and Robotic) by Marco Grob for TIME Magazine [RF Video of the Week]

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Tis the season to be Jedi, so this week’s Video of the Week is obviously Star Wars-related. In anticipation for the heavily hyped Star Wars: The Force Awakens, out today (though the real fans have already seen it at yesterday’s debuts), TIME set up a photo shoot with all of the movie’s stars.

Marco Grob was the lucky chosen one to shoot this session, a prolific portrait photographer who’s captured the likes of Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julianne Moore, George Clooney, several U.S. presidents…and as you can imagine, the impressive portfolio goes on. But even the Swiss-born photographer couldn’t help but be starstruck by the faces and bots of the new Star Wars installment.

“I like to play with psychological barriers, not too expose them at all, it’s more: How is it to be so close to Harrison Ford?” Grob says. The photographer, who shot the actors within a two-week period in four cities across three countries, purposefully did not watch a debut of the film, nor any of the trailers, to remain uninfluenced and true to his own artistry.

“For me, Star Wars is hundreds of people who try to push the envelope, people who take enormous risks in creative and technical aspects to do things we’ve never seen before in a way that nobody would have imagined to see,” he says. “That is the most important about it, because I love when people take leaps into the unknown—that alone touches millions, millions of lives over the next decades.”

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