Tech Tuesday: 3Pod Puts a New Angle on Tripods

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3Pod, a line of tripods, monopods and heads from Adorama, took a standard tripod and added a little twist. The new 3Pod Orbit tripods are designed to function like a regular tripod but also make it easy for photographers and videographers to shoot from unusual angles.


Like standard tripods, the center column’s height is adjustable vertically but its usefulness doesn’t end there. With the Orbit Overhead Shot System, the center column can pivot horizontally, tilting along its fulcrum to achieve a position in line with overhead, low angle, macro and pretty much any other unique perspectives. And, because the center column can be rotated independent of its tripod head, this design feature works well for panning and shooting panoramas.



3Pod tripods’ more traditional attributes are equally impressive. Each leg can be locked into one of three angles  (85″, 60″ and 35″), which is great for shooting outdoors on uneven surfaces. Foot spikes provide additional stability by digging in to softer ground surfaces. A built-in bubble level helps ensure that your horizons are level despite setting up the shot on rough terrain.


When you’re shooting indoors or on smooth floors, built-in rubber foot covers can be adjusted to cover the spikes to avoid damage to floors that can be damaged by the spikes. The rubber feet also help provide a better, non-skid grip.

The tripods are fitted with flip locks for ensuring that the legs are securely locked in. Both the 3-section and 4-section models also feature reversible 3/8″ and 1/4″-20 screw mounts for added convenience. With a soft grip surface on one leg, the tripods are cold-weather friendly. (If you’ve ever carried a metal tripod in freezing weather, you’ll appreciate this feature more than you can imagine.)


The 3-section tripod reaches a maximum height of 69.15-inches and collapses to 28.45-inches. The aluminum version weighs 5.71 pounds, while the carbon fiber model is more than a pound lighter at 4.25 pounds. The 4-section aluminum model weighs 5.8 pounds with a maximum height of 69 inches and collapses to 25-inches, while the carbon fiber 4-section version weighs 4.4 pounds. All models can handle rigs of up to 18 pounds.

Available in aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber, the 3Pod Orbit tripods can be purchased alone or in a kit with your choice of heads. Retail prices at Adorama start at $140–which is a great value considering all the features these tripods have to offer.


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