Don’t Miss Out! Learn from the Best in Orlando with Yervant and Anie, Roberto Valenzuela and More!

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Time is running out! If you haven’t yet checked out the Photography Symposium that’s been crisscrossing the country (and Canada) this summer with legendary wedding photographer Yervant and his wife, marketing master Anie Zanazanian, consider signing up for the Orlando stop happening next week, July 11 and 12 (with an optional day featuring Yervant’s masterclass, “Fashion Meets Wedding,” on July 13). You should not miss it!

The Australian-based duo will be joined in Orlando by Roberto Valenzuela, Lindsay Adler and Alain Martinez—and are offering intensive hands-on workshops and presentations. The tour ends July 20 in Seattle, Washington, with an intensive two-day class by Yervant. Download more information here.




“This is a can’t miss educational event that has carefully selected ten of our top educators/photographers in our industry that will transform the way you think about photography and your business,” says Maureen Neises, Director of Graphistudio U.S. and Canada. Graphistudio, along with Canon, Profoto, Zenfolio, Lexar, Triple Scoop Music and WPPI, are sponsoring the tour.

WPPI director Jason Groupp has attended the Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago events so far and says that, “Yervant and Anie always do everything first class! From the awesome lineup of speakers to the comfortable locations to the most fun crowds I’ve been around in a long time, don’t miss your chance to enjoy another great opportunity coming up fast in Orlando!” (If you do make it to Orlando—and we hope you do!—make sure to stop and say hello to Rangefinder editor-in-chief Jacqueline Tobin.)

Says recent attendee Elaine Welbourn of Flashback Photography, “After seven years in the wedding industry, I found myself falling out of love with my camera. Photographers are islands: all too often we forget that others face the same struggles, have the same successes and follow the same paths. The Yervant Symposium was more than an educational opportunity (although, there was plenty of learning to be done!); it brought together a community of photographers, and reminded me what it feels like to be part of a select few trusted to capture moments in the lives of others. The Symposium covered all aspects of business ownership: from marketing and relationship-building, to lighting and posing, to sales and album design. I returned home motivated to use my newly acquired marketing ideas and industry connections to build my business in a direction I had never considered previously.”

Adds Chaim Schvarcz, another recent attendee, “I really enjoyed my time at the Symposium and especially found value in Anie’s platform about marketing and sales. As a result, I will be implementing a lot of new techniques into my business and I would highly encourage others to attend events such as this for a similar experience.”

Notes Niesen, the presentations are sure to offer “inspiration, learning and amazing networking opportunities.”

Tickets can still be purchased online at and range from $350 for the two-day pass, or $450 with the optional third day that includes the “Just Yervant” masterclass (on July 13 in Orlando). And if you’re really a last minute kind of person, you can register on site; the price remains the same as the online quote.


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Jacqueline Tobin

Jacqueline Tobin

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