A Wedding Day Gone Awry [Rf Photo of the Day]

By // August 26, 2016 // Posted in Photo of the Day

Photo © Dark Roux Photography

Despite all the planning that goes in to the wedding day, sometimes unpredictable events can change the course of the day. That’s what happened at this rural Louisiana wedding, captured by Jamie and Heather Schneider of Dark Roux Photography (and Rf 30 Rising Stars from 2015). This photo was taken from the front seat of a broken down limo that had caught fire in the engine, according to Jamie.

At the time this photo was captured, “the bride was outside crying because she was now late for her own ceremony,” the photographer recalls. “This was just a genuine moment between her bridesmaids. Their faces say it all.”

(Captured with a Nikon D750 and a Sigma 35mm art lens, with natural light).

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Stacey Goldberg

Stacey Goldberg

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