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Mark October 5 on your calendars—that’s when you’ll get some cool (and practical) updates to Fundy Designer v7. We’ll give you a quick look here, but be sure to sign up for Fundy’s free webinar on September 29 at 1 p.m. EST to get the full scoop. (In case you’re not familiar with Fundy Designer, it’s a great compilation of sales and design tools and is available in modules or a full suite. Check out Rf‘s full review of version 7 here.)


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Fundy has added a new client view and album order builder, both great for in-person or remote presentations. Using a projector, TV or laptop, you can present to your client in person and make updates to an album layout that the client can view on a separate monitor. When everything is approved, it’s quick and easy to add the album to the order sheet.

Since it’s not always possible to meet in person (or you and your client may want to save some time), Fundy now allows you to use a second monitor to support client view when working with a client via Skype or Google +. It’s simple to add the finished product to the order and, when complete, you can print out a PDF with your logo, the order and all the accompanying legalese.


You can also use the client view window to prepare and present wall art collections, complete with pricing. And, of course, you can print out the order form with your logo and legal agreement.


Also look for frames so you can show your clients what their images will look like when beautifully framed. Fundy promises more frames in the future but, for now, you’ll have plenty of stock frames—complete with 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch mats. If you have favorite frames from local manufacturers, you can also bring them into the program to use.


If you currently own Album Builder v7, Gallery Designer v7 or the full suite v7, the update will be free. Keep in mind that you need Album Builder to take advantage of creating album invoices for your client and Gallery Designer to work with wall gallery invoices, loose prints and custom items.

Interested in Fundy Designer? Check out the free trial. If you want to purchase Gallery Designer, get your order in now—as of October 5, the price will go from the current $249 to $299.

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  1. What an exciting update! I have loved Fundy designer, and have been hoping for more options for clients to be able to hop in and proof their albums over the web when it’s not possible to meet up. The Fundy designer suite was such an invaluable investment for my wedding photography business, and their customer service is top notch (live chats with real people.)