WPPI Sneak Peek: Newborn Portrait Photographer Ana Brandt to Offer Hands-On Workshop

March 7, 2016

By Laura Brauer

Ana Brandt is a newborn and maternity photographer based in Tustin, California. At WPPI 2016, she will be teaching “Baby Belly Shoot Out” on March 7 and 8 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. and “The Art & Business of Pregnancy and Newborn Photography” on March 9 from 3-4:30 p.m.

Photo © Ana Brandt

Photos © Ana Brandt

Can you tell us what WPPI members can expect to learn from your presentations this year?

Ana Brandt: In “Belly Baby Shootout,” the group will meet in the MGM Grand to go over pregnancy and newborn posing, lighting and transitional workflow. We will then head out around Vegas and shoot outside on location in all-natural light photographing a pregnant woman and a newborn baby. The second program is a separate two-hour course on the business of pregnancy and newborn photography. There, I will be covering social media, video and client network marketing.

If you could study another topic during your time at WPPI, what class do you think you would want to drop in to? Are there any other photographers or film/photo mediums that you are hoping to see at the show?

AB: I had the fortune of being a bridesmaid in a Jerry Ghionis wedding. It was amazing being there in Italy and watching him work his magic—breathtaking, actually. I cried at the slideshow and I wasn’t even the bride! So I might try and find him somewhere. I don’t shoot weddings, but I love watching his vision come to life… Since I am teaching three classes and have my Maternity/Baby TAOPAN booth at the expo, I am not sure how much time I will have to mingle. I love everything about WPPI and I am beyond grateful that I was invited to teach three times in one show—truly grateful. Thank you.

What are some new lessons you are incorporating into your presentation this year?

AB: Top of the list is video! I have had my channel longer than most—about 8 years—but it only really started affecting my business this past year. It has taken my business to a whole other level.

What might be some factors driving the growth of newborn portraiture photography?

AB: I think family photography—much like wedding—is and will always be a constant leading force in the industry. Newborn photography has come to such a different level then when I started. The trends are constantly changing and photographers really need to think long and hard about what their style is and about their brand. [This is] a business that isn’t trendy, but a solid one that can still keep up with the modern styles. The business practices that are tried and true for wedding and family [photography] need to be immersed into the newborn area so that we aren’t just trying to get the best poses, but build business that lasts for generations to come.

Photo © Ana Brandt

What are some ways that different types of photographers and filmmakers can apply some of the lessons that you will provide?

AB: Whenever I speak I try to relate to all areas—not just pregnancy and newborn. I know for sure that my marketing and video practices can be applied to any art or medium. Marketing is about telling the world who you are, what you are capable of now and in the future. It isn’t about a mini session or holiday promo. We have to create our own legacy. We have to tell the world why we are here and what we are doing with our art. It needs to come out of every pore of our being. Our videos need to reflect our nature and show our art. This I believe can be transferred to any business!

What gets you excited about this topic?

AB: That what I know works; that what I believe in comes to fruition. I have seen the proof in my own life. I am always making changes and asking my clients for their thoughts and opinions. I get excited because I know that everything I teach can work for anyone if they just believe it.

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